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East Rock Creek Village


Services Available to Members

In addition to all of the ERCV social, educational, and health & wellness activities, members enjoy help with the needs and problems of daily life (or a social night out) is a single phone call or e-mail message away. Make it a habit to call the Village first to discuss your needs with the volunteer coordinator, whatever the need. Below is a list of frequently requested services.


Transportation -- during COVID-19 pandemic, only fully vaccinated drivers will offer rides. 

Volunteer drivers are available for taking members to and from local destinations. Typical destinations include grocery stores, doctors’ offices, meetings, and social and educational events in or near the ERCV neighborhoods. When appropriate, drivers will assist the member to and from the front door and help carry groceries or packages into the house.


Convenience Services -- during COVID-19 pandemic, only fully vaccinated volunteers will provide services.

Sometimes, a member needs help with a particular task. Volunteers are available to deliver groceries and prescriptions, run errands, care for pets, wait for a repairman or delivery, or perform other helpful tasks.


Electronics and Computers

Help is available for "vexing" electronics and technology issues, including computer set-up and management, and programming thermostats, DVDs, phones, and clocks.


Gardening Advice and Help

Volunteers are available to occasionally water outdoor gardens, water houseplants, offer gardening advice, and do light weeding and planting. For larger or ongoing projects, ERCV will recommend a landscape professional.

Light Home Maintenance -- during COVID-19 pandemic, only fully vaccinated volunteers offer services. 

Volunteers are available to help with minor household chores and simple repairs; shoveling walks; mailing packages; disposing properly of hazardous waste; organizing “stuff”; and getting rid of clutter.

"Friendly Check-in" Program

“Friendly Check-in” is designed primarily for ERCV members who live alone and want to receive a regular phone call to confirm that they are all right or just to have a short conversation. If the scheduled call is not answered, the volunteer follows a Village protocol designed to ensure the member's safety.
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