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Vaccine Volunteers: East Rock Creek Village has organized a group of vetted volunteers to assist our members get vaccinated against COVID-19. If you not a member of ERCV but live in our service area which is the northern part of Ward 4 east of Rock Creek Park, we can quickly enroll you.  Membership is free during the pandemic. To request services, email (or just reply to this message) or phone 202-656-7322 any day between 8am and 8pm.  

Our Vaccine Volunteer services include:

  • Going online to schedule a vaccine appointment for you
  • Putting you on a list to receive end-of-the-day vaccine in downtown DC (more information follows)
  • Online scheduling of 2nd shot appointments for those whose first shot was at a Safeway pharmacy or one of the three Senior Wellness Centers (Hattie Holmes, Model Cities, or Washington).
  • Providing a free ride to your vaccination appointment
  • Printing and delivery of appointment confirmation emails or other online communications.
  • Offering information updates, support, and encouragement. We will email updated vaccination information as it becomes available.

End of the Day Vaccine List

  • Because of the generosity of Dupont Circle Village, East Rock Creek Village can submit names of our members for an end-of-the-day vaccine list.  If you join the list you may get an afternoon call any day of the week that a vaccine dose is available at a Medstar site at 1133 20th St NW (between L and M) or at the Giant Pharmacy at 7th and O NW.  You will then have 45 minutes to get downtown to receive your vaccine shot.  Both these sites have parking garages. These vaccines are the unused doses in vials of vaccine which must be used that day or discarded. It is hard to predict how many vaccines will be available to the list, but Dupont Circle Village got 40 members their first shots. Those who go for a first shot from the list will get an appointment for their 2nd shot.

Getting Vaccination Appointments through DCHealth:

New appointments will be available each Thursday at 9am (for certain zipcodes including 20012 and 20011) or Friday mornings at 9am (all DC seniors).  Demand is very high, and all appointments are taken before 9:15am on those days. If you have internet access, you should register for an appointment through If you do not have internet access, call the District’s hotline at 855-363-0333 at 8am on Thursday or Friday.

Steps to get an appointment:

  • Each time you try to get an appointment online, you will have to complete the questionnaire even if you registered another time. 
  • You will be asked to enter your date of birth, address, and insurance information (do not enter any detailed insurance information, only that you have Medicare).
  • Then you will have an opportunity to sign up for an appointment at a vaccination site.
  • Take any appointment available!
  • If you are successful in getting an appointment you will receive a confirmation email which you should save in case you need to cancel your appointment. 
  • You should print out the confirmation email or be sure it is on your phone to take with you to your appointment. 
  • If all the appointments for the next week are taken, you can ask to be notified when later appointments will be posted.  

When you go to your appointment:

  • Take your mask, the confirmation code you received when you made your appointment, a photo ID, and your Medicare health insurance card.
  • There will be no charge.
  • Wear a loose-fitting shirt so you can be vaccinated on your upper arm.
  • Do not go early for your appointment. Recently there have not been lines outside vaccination sites.
  • Plan to stay 15 minutes after your shot.
  • Don’t leave before you receive a card stating you got the vaccine and either an appointment for your second dose OR an internet address where you can set up that second shot appointment. 

Getting 2nd Shot Appointments if your first shot is at Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center, Model Cities Senior Wellness Center, Washington Senior Wellness Center, or any Safeway Pharmacy:

  • You will receive a paper with the information for making an appointment for your 2nd shot, which should take place in 28-31 days.
  • You can get help scheduling your 2nd shot while you are waiting after your 1st injection if you have a smart phone with you, or you can schedule it when you get home. OR you can CALL ERCV at 202-656-7322 for assistance.

To schedule your second shot yourself (if your first shot was at one of the locations listed above):

  • Click here to reach the pharmacy website for Albertsons/Safeway. When you reach the website, click in the box and then the “submit” button, and this will take you to a page where you will begin filling in your information.
  • You will receive a confirmation email, which you should bring on paper or on your phone to the 2nd shot appointment. 
  • Don't worry that the appointment form says “New York/USA” -- that simply indicates you are in the Eastern Time zone.
  • When you register on the website, you will also be asked to print out a consent form/questionnaire to fill out in advance and bring to your 2nd shot appointment.  

Other possible sources of vaccine appointments: If you are a patient with Kaiser Permanente, Sibley Hospital/Johns Hopkins, George Washington Hospital Faculty Medical Associates, or the Veterans Administration, you may get an opportunity to get the vaccine through them.  Individual doctors are not getting vaccine doses to provide to their patients.  Check the website of your medical provider rather than calling them.


Special thanks to Susan Davis for compiling this information and for leading ERCV's volunteer response.