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All DC registered voters were sent a mail-in ballot in early October. 

Once you receive your mail-in ballot along with a voters’ guide and “I voted” sticker, you can vote from home at your convenience, referring to any written or online materials while you are filling in your ballot. When you have completed voting, follow the instructions to seal your ballot, sign the outside envelope, and either return it by mail or drop it at a secure drop-box or inside an open vote center (see locations below).

You can use any drop box or open vote center to return your completed mail-in ballot. Drop-boxes will be available from Oct. 5 until 8:00 pm on Election Day. Ballots will be picked up from the boxes twice a day and delivered to the Board of Elections. No postage is needed to mail your ballot, but you should get it to a mailbox by Oct. 27. 

Early-vote centers will be open from Oct. 27 through Nov. 2 (8:30am-7pm); and early-vote centers and election-day vote centers will be open on Nov. 3 (7am-8pm). Curbside voting will be available for seniors and the disabled at all early and election-day polling places.

Here are locations of ballot drop boxes in the ERCV service area:


  • Takoma Metro Station
  • Shepherd Park Library
  • Fourth District Police Station
  • Lamond Recreation Center
  • Takoma Library (beginning Oct. 8)

If you choose not to vote by mail or drop box, you can vote in person (and same-day register) at an early-vote center from Oct. 27 through Nov. 2 (8:30am-7pm), or at any early-vote center or election-day vote center on Nov. 3 (7am-8pm). If you choose to vote in person, voting early is recommended! Curbside voting will be available for seniors and the disabled at all early and election-day polling places. You can also deposit your completed, sealed, and signed mail-in ballot inside any open vote center. Masks will be required to enter all vote centers. A map of vote center locations is available here. Click on one of the colored tabs and a box with complete information for that site will pop up. 

Early-Vote and Election-Day Centers in the ERCV area:

  • Shepherd Elementary School
  • Ida B. Wells Middle School
  • Emery Heights Community Center

 Election-Day ONLY Vote Centers in the ERCV area

  • Takoma Education Campus
  • LaSalle-Backus Education Campus
  • Brightwood Elementary School
  • Fort Stevens Recreation Center gymnasium

You can also register and vote the same day during early voting and on Election Day. Bring proof of DC residency.

ERCV is available to help you with checking your voter registration and getting registered, and ERCV volunteers are available to pick up and deliver completed ballots to a drop-box any day from Oct. 8 through Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3. Your ballot must be sealed and signed on the envelope when it is picked up. Call us at 202-656-7322 or email us to request any of these services. ERCV is not providing rides to voting places, so be sure you are registered so you will receive your own ballot in the mail. 

Vote Safe – Track the Status of your Mail-In Ballot

If you have any problems using BallotTrax, or with the information provided, please contact District of Columbia Board of Elections (DCBOE) by phone at (202) 727-2525 or visit


We thank Erin Palmer, ANC 4B02 Commissioner, for compiling this voter information and sharing it with us.