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Is your DC Driver’s License about to expire?  What about your car’s registration, residential parking permit and emissions inspection sticker?  Do you need a Disability Parking Placard?  Don’t you have to get a REAL ID very soon?

The most important thing to know is that your driver’s license, parking permit and registration ARE STILL VALID. They are NOT going to expire until after the Covid-19 emergency declaration is lifted and the Department of Motor Vehicles is operating at full operating capacity – that will likely be some time in 2021.  The deadline to obtain a REAL ID has been extended until October of 2021.  A DMV memo explaining the DMV Credential Extension is included. You are encouraged to print it and take it with you when travelling or using your Driver’s License for ID.

This summary is aimed to assist you if you WANT to renew your credentials with the Department of Motor Vehicles during the pandemic while the DMV is not operating at full capacity and visits to most DMV offices are only by appointment. Links to useful sites and printable documents are highlighted.  If you don’t have a printer, please email or call 202-656-7322 any day between 8am and 8pm and we will be glad to print out forms for you and get them to you as well as review the process for  You can also get assistance with all these issues by calling 311 and being patient.

Vehicle Registrations:  You can renew your vehicle registration and residential parking permit online or by mail if your address has not changed.  You may get a US Mail or email notice 60 days before your registration expires which will help you get started. Click here for how to renew your registration online or by mail: Vehicle Registration Renewals

Inspections:  The inspection station at 1001 Half St SW is doing inspections on a first come first served basis during August from 6am to 2pm Tuesdays through Saturday. (Hours change to 7am to 3pm the first Tuesday in September). Senior citizens should request expedited services when they arrive in order to go to the head of the line. More information is at inspection station. You can also go to the “self-serve” inspection kiosk at 300 Van Buren St NW which is entered from southbound 3rd Street.  Despite the name, there has been a DMV employee on site to facilitate your inspection.  The payment for inspection is included in your registration fee.

Disabled Parking Placard:  You can apply for or renew a Disabled Parking Permit Placard by mail or online.  You will need to have a doctor’s note stating that you have mobility difficulties. Here is where you can print out the application form including the doctor’s note: Disability Parking Placard Application.  More information for completing the form, including a place to apply online by scanning in a completed paper application, begin at Disability Parking Application Process

Driver’s License/REAL ID:  In order to renew your driver’s license and obtain a REAL ID, you need to visit a DMV office in person where you will submit your REAL ID documents to be copied and to complete an eye test. These visits are by appointment only with October being the earliest appointment time as of July.

  • To make an appointment online click here: DMV Appointments or you can call 311.
  • While you are waiting for your appointment you will need to print out and complete this application form: 
    • Driver's License Application Form.
    • If you are 70 or older you will need to have a doctor complete the doctor’s statement on the application AND also have a medical doctor and an optician/ophthalmologist complete a separate medical/eye form which you can find here: DMV Medical Requirements
    • To have the eye form completed you will probably have to go in person for an eye exam.
  • You will need to collect forms to get your REAL ID card including:
    • a valid passport or birth certificate plus marriage certificate,
    • your social security card or tax document with your social security number
    • 2 proofs of address -- utility bill, bank statement, phone bill. 
    • There is a useful online questionnaire on the DMV site which can assist you in determining which documents you will need.  You will find it in the middle of this page: DOCUMENT VERIFICATION GUIDE
    • There is lots more information on the REAL ID documents on the DMV site.  You will want to double check all your documents before going to the DMV so you wont have to make a second visit.

ERCV Can Help:  Please feel free to email or call ERCV for assistance in dealing with the DMV (or any other government agency).  I am glad to print out any forms and to help you find website locations. The office email address is and the phone is 202-656-7322.