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Opportunities for Giving

East Rock Creek Village welcomes donations large and small. Help us thrive and grow as an integral part of our seven neighborhoods, ensuring our ability to provide services for many years to come.

Membership fees alone do not cover the full administrative and program costs. ERCV must gain additional funding from other sources - foundations, corporations, individuals, members and non-members.

ERCV is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Gifts to ERCV are tax deductible. Gifts may be made in honor or memory of others, in support of the Membership Plus program, or to underwrite general operating expenses. Membership dues, however, are not tax deductible because services are provided in return for payment.

Donations may take various forms, including cash, furniture, supplies, and equipment. ERCV seeks items that are useful for day-to-day office management, or that can be sold for cash. Check with the Executive Director if you have an item that you would like to donate, or have questions about making other contributions or donations.

Become an annual giver for general operations. We are grateful for generous annual gifts from members and others who want to provide some extra “insurance” that ERCV will be there for residents when they need it most. Since these gifts are over and above membership fees, the extra amount is tax-deductible.

Sign up for Social Membership. ERCV offers a Social Membership program for those who wish to become part of the upper Ward 4 social network but don’t feel the need for volunteer or vendor-provided services. Annual dues for the Social Membership program are the same as for regular membership. However, because no services are provided, all but $50 of the dues amount is eligible for a charitable tax deduction on your federal income tax return.

How to Make a Donation

Online with PayPal

To make a donation via PayPal: ...

Don't have a Paypal account? No problem! PayPal accepts credit cards. Click once on the corresponding "add to cart" link and you will be taken to the Paypal site for secure checkout.

Or By Regular Mail

Send your check by mail to:

East Rock Creek Village
7707 13th Street NW
Washington, DC 20012

Contact us: Phone: 202-656-7322
Office: 7707 13th Street NW, Washington DC 20012

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