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Volunteers are the sustaining force of East Rock Creek Village, for it is their helping hands that allow our members to age in place in their homes with dignity and grace. Volunteers also carry the positive message of the village throughout the upper Ward 4 communities we serve.

Join with your neighbors to give a ride, help grocery shop, take a walk or share a special skill.

Volunteers may be any adult who shares our belief in the mission of the village. Many members become volunteers, but it is not necessary that a member become a volunteer. Our goal is to ensure that volunteering itself is a rewarding and satisfying experience. As in most villages, we expect that many of our members will serve as volunteers.

ERCV carries liability insurance that protects staff, directors and volunteers.

Volunteer are Trained and Supported

If you wish to become a volunteer, contact the office for information on the training process. ERCV pays for a background check on all volunteers. In addition, volunteer drivers are required to have a valid driver's license and current automobile insurance.

Volunteer Opportunities

These are some of the services we plan to provide for members. Volunteers or members may think of other services that would be beneficial.

  • Providing in home assistance such as friendly visits, helping with clutter, making simple repairs, putting groceries or other items away, raking, sweeping and shoveling walks
  • Convenience services such as mailing packages, running errands, organizing files and paperwork, checking on houses when members are away, temporary dog walking or cat feeding, waiting for delivery or service repairmen, picking up mail or newspapers
  • Gardening advice and help
  • Technology and technical support
  • Transportation to grocery stores, medical appointments, social and educational events or programs
  • Hosting cultural, educational and social offerings
  • Office administrative support
  • General Expectations of Volunteers

    Volunteers will be expected to adhere to our code of ethics, including:

  • Declining any gifts or tips that might be offered
  • Attending training sessions and volunteer meetings
  • Consulting with the village Executive Director, Volunteer Coordinator, or office staff before assuming new responsibilities
  • Being prompt and reliable when reporting for an assignment
  • Always carrying the ERCV identification card and showing it when meeting a member for the first time
  • Always guarding confidential information about members, including age, gender, name, address, career, or other personally identifying information.
  • Eligibility and Requirements

    Volunteers will need to complete an application and have an interview with the ERCV Executive Director or Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers will also undergo a criminal background check and attend training sessions as required. If a person volunteers as a driver, he or she must have a valid driverís license, have a properly registered vehicle, and must have his or her own automobile insurance coverage. For the safety of members, the village will check the driving records of volunteer drivers.

    Volunteers will be able to designate the tasks they are willing to perform and the days and times they are available. Volunteers may be asked to perform other tasks needed by the village but must always feel free to decline an assignment.

    View the ERCV Volunteer Code of Ethics

    Contact us: Phone: 202-656-7322
    Office: 7707 13th Street NW, Washington DC 20012

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