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Our Mission

We are a neighborhood nonprofit organization that aims to sustain and enrich the residents of the communities in DC's upper Ward 4 for the long term.

We work hard to ensure that our members have the confidence and practical means to stay in their own homes throughout their lives. With one phone call or e-mail message, Village members gain access to a range of professional and volunteer services and a variety of educational and social programs.

Volunteers and staff provide free transportation to events and appointments; medical and legal advocacy; advice on senior-friendly home renovation updates; vendor recommendations for repair and maintenance projects; and a monthly list of programs and activities.

Individuals and households of all ages are encouraged to join. Members must reside in one of seven neighborhoods in the northern part of Ward 4: Colonial Villages, North Portal Estates, Shepherd Park, Takoma, Manor Park, Brightwood, or Crestwood.

Our Values

1. ERCV values the richness and diversity of the communities in our boundaries.

2. ERCV believes that our residents should have the opportunity to remain an integral part of these communities throughout their lives, living in the homes they have grown to love, and to maintain the network of friends and neighbors they have developed over the years.

3. ERCV values the willingness of the residents of our member neighborhoods and elsewhere to volunteer their time and expertise in support of its mission.

4. ERCV values the advice and opinions of its members and regularly seeks their views on volunteer or vendor services and other programs of ERCV.

5. ERCV values the privacy, dignity, and independence its members and volunteers.

6. ERCV values the generosity of its donors, who support the organization with financial and in-kind contributions.

7. ERCV values the volunteer experience itself, and believes that volunteers will find their association and work with ERCV to be rewarding and meaningful.

Contact us: Phone: 202-656-7322
Office: 7707 13th Street NW, Washington DC 20012

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