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Help with our web site

Signing on as a user

If we have provided you with a user name and password, you may log onto our website as a user by entering your username in the white box in the top bar above, just after the words `user name` and entering your password in the white box above just after the word `password`, then either click the `LOGON' button or hit the enter key.

Once you are signed on, this help screen will provide you with additional details about what you can do as a signed on user.


In the white bar at the top of your screen are links to various pages on the website. Some of them also have a drop-down menu of other links which will appear if you hold your cursor over the link. With these links and other links which appear at various places on the web site, if you hold your cursor on the link you will get a pop up with a brief explanation of what the link will give you if you click on it.


The system provides two levels of help. One is the "Help" button at the right of the menu bar which you clicked to get this screen. This level will provide additional details if you click it when you are signed on. The other level of help is available on some screens with a "click here for HELP" button at the right side of the screen. This level provides additional help for that specific screen. You should try the on-screen help for any complicated screen or task.
click here for HELP.

Page help(click to hide help)

Sample Page Help

This is a sample of the page help in VillageConnect (our on-line website and database) This is available for many of the pages and is customized for the page it is on.

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